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Installation is fast and can usually be scheduled in 3 to 5 business days.
Yes, our connections are rated at sub millisecond latencies. This allows us to support many sensitive applications like VoIP and Video.
No,weather does not cause problems with the connections. We operate a terrestrial based system. We broadcast our signal from buildings and towers.


Wireless Broadband for Business

Cleveland Fiber and Wi-Fi

Fiber isn’t the only way to get high speed Gigabit service.


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Business Broadband

Gigabits Ethernet Low latency, Fiber performance
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Fast Installation

By using multiple broadcast sites and completely bypassing the cable and phone companies, service can be installed in just 5-7 business days or less.

netx secure

Secure and Reliable

NetX connections use a minimum 256 bit AES encryption and is secure for use in Department of Defense, SEC and HIPPA compliant applications.Either as a Backup or Primary connection, We have built a redundant back haul mesh network that connects to multiple upstream providers.

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Speeds over a Gigabit

By using multiple broadcast sites and completely bypassing the cable and phone companies, service can be installed in just 5-7 business days or less.


Wireless Backup


Either as a Backup or Primary connection, NetX connections ensure your network stays connected.


Wired connections have one inherent problem, cables get cut! When cables get cut by construction or vandalism, service can be down for hours or days. The NetX wireless network is completely independent of the telephone and cable network which means that when everyone else is down, your connection is up!


Our ultra fast network delivers speeds from a few megabits to over a Gigabit! With installation time between 3 and 5 business days, NetX is the fastest choice for backup service.


WiFi Networking

NetX installs and manages High Capacity Wi-Fi for Businesses, stadiums and Campus areas
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Ethernet, Campus and Camera networks

Wifi Cabling and Security Cameras

We build wireless networks from point to point applications and campus wide mobility to corporate Wi-Fi and municipal wireless networks. Our RF and IT engineers are able to help you from the design stage to implementation and testing of your wireless network.Our engineers are certified in a variety of networking and wireless equipment. NetX can help your organization optimize an existing network that may not perform as well as it should, and design a fully operational solution that we can also manage.

NetX services Include:

  • Point to Point Connections
  • Campus wide Connections
  • Wireless Surveillance
  • Wifi Hot spots
  • Network Cabling

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